Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI) in Origin

In order to prevent any conflict in terms of quantity and quality of goods, packing and marking, the PSI is performed. This inspection includes a review of quantitative and qualitative aspects of the goods and to check its compliance with requested standards and monitor all stages of packing, shipping and loading.
Pre-Shipment status will be reported and if the product complies with the request of the buyer, the related certificates will be issued.

Pre-shipment inspection services are designed to protect the interests of buyers in their international purchasing programs.

Our Inspection Certificates are internationally accepted by banks, governments and considered by international traders and manufacturers as a verification of the quality and quantity of the material purchased.

our pre shipment inspections include:

Verification of raw or semi-manufactured materials
Sampling and analysis
Staged production inspection
Determination of quantity
Labelling and documentation control
Witnessing in-house tests
Finished product inspection
Packing and marking inspection
Supervision of stuffing into containers
Photographic reporting
Complete final reporting

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